Turnstone provides a broad spectrum of wetland services to our clients, ranging from initial wetland identification to comprehensive mitigation plans and monitoring programs. Our wetland staff delineates wetland boundaries using standard methodology from the 1987 Corps of Engineers Manual, considering the vegetation, soils and hydrology criteria.

Wetland Services

  • Pre-purchase site investigation and analysis
  • Wetland determination
  • Wetland delineation
  • Mitigation plans and monitoring
  • Assistance with the regulatory and permitting process

Wetland Mitigation Banking

Mitigation banking is the process of restoring, creating and enhancing wetlands in order to compensate for unavoidable wetland losses. Turnstone’s partnerships and experience with several mitigation banks in the Willamette Valley allow us to provide guidance and expertise when mitigation banking is an option for our clients. We also offer consulting services for potential mitigation bankers, from the initial site analysis to assistance navigating through the Mitigation Bank Review Team regulatory process.

  • Analysis of the viability of mitigation banking
  • Review of credit availability
  • Consulting services for potential mitigation banks
  • Assistance with the regulatory process